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Non profit organizations web design is often considered as a very similar to corporate website design. Indeed, there are no two opinions about that: they must be purposeful, to increase awareness, to be user friendly, ease to navigate, etc. But in according to our experience non profit organizations websites have a fine and subtle distinction - they have a cause to plead and so they are different.

We have highly strict standards about organizations and non profit website design, such as colors, font, style,etc. Working on your non profit organization website we believe it's best to focus on a clean style and straightforward web design, because the attention and the center must be on  the content not the opposite and your goals should dictate the design.

  • About us & Contact us page - it is vital for your non profit organization to have as more information as it's needed to explain the visitors, future members, media, donors what your organizations is about. Your purpose and mission should be clear in the first 2 seconds of visiting the home page, otherwise you lose supporters;
  • Donation bar - to get people involved with your cause and support you cause;
  • Member login - each member will have your own section and private access to personal information;
  • Resource section - determine you as professional and trustful source in the field;
  • News section or blog  - keeps your organization in focus of media, visitors, donors and increase exposure.

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