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Christian organizations, ministries and churches should be reachable for people in every possible way. Nowadays having a website for your church is a must and helps you to connect and interact with people. A website is an effective instrument to present your ministry to new followers, communicate with people, respond to requests, and spread your believes.

An effective church website should:

  • Introduce your church to new followers

  • Provide detailed information for your ministries

  • Create a profile of the pastor and staff

  • Keep followers up to date

  • Respond to requests & answer questions

  • Spread believes to the world; expand and probe into current teaching

Best Church Website Functionality

Here is a list of some of the special functionality needed for an effective church website. Having a website consistent with visitors’ needs will make your site worth it. Proper functionality and right tools can help you introduce your church, inform followers, plead the cause and spread the faith and knowledge among believers.

Based on visitors’ needs, we prepared the following list with functionality and special tools for church websites. By no means we claim this list is a comprehensive one but we put an effort to pile together some of the most important among many other factors.

We consider those factors as the minimum and we specially developed such modules as a part of Unicorn CMS to help us provide to-the-point solutions for churches and ministries.

  • Upcoming worship module

It helps you put an emphasis on the following church events. Followers can see what’s coming and can get prepared. One click gives invaluable information for church events and upcoming worship. Also Service Time section gives information about scheduled worship and events, so your followers will not miss it.

  • Public calendar

Having a church calendar can make it so much easier for you and for your followers. People can subscribe and stay up to date to future planned church events. We can also develop a calendar with sign up functionality allowing followers to sign up to attend an event.

  • Upload sermons module

Record and upload your sermons online! People can listen to them anytime and even download them. The best way to share words of wisdom! You can regularly post prayers, advice or appeal for people! Keep the faith and spread knowledge through Internet and your voice will be heard from people anytime they need it. Sermons can be uploaded and updated in minutes using Unicorn CMS.

  • Donation module

Give an opportunity to your most devoted followers to help you as well. We can integrate Credit cards or Paypal payment to your website and let people donate money to your church. Easy as a piece of cake!

  • Facebook and Twitter integration

Communicate and share with people. After all Social Medias, as Facebook and Twitter, gather people and stimulate them to share. You can regularly post or tweet some interesting facts about your church and upcoming events. It’s good if you have live twitter feed on your website so people can see what others have to say and participate in the conversation.

  • Prayer request form

Let people ask their questions at the time they raised. You can respond to them at anytime, privately or publicly. Answering their requests and questions is a part of keeping them at the right way of their path.

  • Bible search & study

It’s an advanced tool for searching the Bible and reading it online. Let your followers come to faith 24/7. Together with other listed tools it makes your website an important resource and help people to keep the faith.

Church web design and website must be created considering your goals and visitors. Our approach consists in listening, understanding and developing. Your website will be created through a series of client’s feedback and constant contact. With ToThePoint Solution services you get clean and beautifully designed website with powerful functionality. Also you get your web design packed with an easy to use content management system that allows you to update your content with a few clicks. Enjoy it!

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