Bug fix for FCKeditor "RegisterDollarFunction"

After getting the latest Internet Explorer 9 installed, our FCKeditor started braking and issuing the error "Invalid calling object
fckdialog.html, line 813 character 4

After some research and some tests, we figured that the problem was in the FCKeditor "FCKTools.RegisterDollarFunction". For some reason it was not working. 

To fix this issue with the FCKeditor, all you need to do is

EDIT THE FILE fckeditorcode_ie.js on line 38

Replace the code : FCKTools.RegisterDollarFunction=function(A){A.$=A.document.getElementById;}; with FCKTools.RegisterDollarFunction = function( targetWindow ) {targetWindow.$ = function( id ){ return targetWindow.document.getElementById(id);};};

After doing the changes, make sure you save the file and also clear your browser cache to test all the functions of the FCKeditor.

All should be working flawlessly!

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