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  • Windows mysql backup script

    Added in Scripts

    Use the below Windows Mysql backup script (.bat script) to add it as either a scheduled task, or just run it to have it make mysql database backups of all your selected mysql host databases.

    1. Replace
      Set MysqlHost=YourMysqlHost Set MysqlUser=YourMysqlUser Set MysqlPass=YourMysqlPass Set DirForBackups=C:MysqlBackups
      with your values;
    2. Save the file as "mysql_databases_backup_script.bat" and place to a location that you can easily get to. e.g "C:MysqlBackupScriptmysql_databases_backup_script.bat"
    3. You can use it on demand e.g click on the script where ever you place it or the way we use it is as a scheduled task that will run at your specified time interval and generate backups of your MYSQL databases for safe keep.

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  • Bug fix for FCKeditor "RegisterDollarFunction"

    Added in Javascript

    After getting the latest Internet Explorer 9 installed, our FCKeditor started braking and issuing the error "Invalid calling object
    fckdialog.html, line 813 character 4

    After some research and some tests, we figured that the problem was in the FCKeditor "FCKTools.RegisterDollarFunction". For some reason it was not working. 

    To fix this issue with the FCKeditor, all you need to do is

    EDIT THE FILE fckeditorcode_ie.js on line 38

    Replace the code : FCKTools.RegisterDollarFunction=function(A){A.$=A.document.getElementById;}; with FCKTools.RegisterDollarFunction = function( targetWindow ) {targetWindow.$ = function( id ){ return targetWindow.document.getElementById(id);};};

    After doing the changes, make sure you save the file and also clear your browser cache to test all the functions of the FCKedit...

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  • Ultimate PHP Email validation

    Added in PHP

    Below you will find what we call the Ultimate PHP Email validation function for validating emails. 

    The Ultimate PHP Email validation function checks the email syntax, the user name if it has the "@" sign, the domain part and the TLD extension(you might need to update those and add any new ones that were added in the mean time). The different thing about this function, is that it checks if the domain name is valid by checking if it has MX records(Mail exchange server). This check will eliminate typing errors, intentional invalid emails and mostly make your life easier :-).

    Though this does not check the username for the specific mail account whether it exists on the mail server. SMTP check is to come in the next version.

    Code: function test_email_with_mx(&$themail){
    $themail = mb_strtolower($themail);
    if (mb_ereg_match ("^[a-z0-9._-]+@[a-z0-9.-]+.(?:[a-zA-Z]{2}|aero|asia|biz|com|...

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  • How to install pdo_mysql on Windows

    Added in PHP

    Recently, a project required using the PHP extension PDO_MYSQL. Since mostly we use windows to develop code on to an Apache with PHP and MYSQL(WAMP), we had a lot of trouble to make the PDO_MYSQL php extension work.

    After some research, we managed to get it going. To save you time, here are the steps we took to make the extension work on our webservers:

    1. Edit the php.ini configuration - find and remove the ";" from the below two lines:

    ;extension=php_pdo.dll ;extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll
    extension=php_pdo.dll extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll

    2. Save the php.ini file and restart the webserver.

    3. You are done!

    It appears that you need to activate the php_pdo.dll extension to have the php_pdo_mysq...

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  • Church Web Design & Functionality

    Added in Website Design

    Put Conversation on the Front Lines

    Christian organizations, ministries and churches should be reachable for people in every possible way. Nowadays having a website for your church is a must and helps you to connect and interact with people. A website is an effective instrument to present your ministry to new followers, communicate with people, respond to requests, and spread your believes.

    An effective church website should:

    • Introduce your church to new followers

    • Provide detailed information for your ministries

    • Create a profile of the pastor and staff

  • Some Tricks Before "Jumping" into the Web

    Added in Usabillity

    Even if you think your website is the perfect one, consider doing some testing (just in case). Sometimes your eyes get used to the design  layout and  if that is the case even professionals can make the mistake of not seeing obvious "trash". Always try looking with the eyes of your future visitors. After all , they are the ones you want to attract. Here are some tips & tricks for website assessment:

    - What do you see first? Note where your eyes go first. Close your eyes, look at the page for 5 seconds  and write down what you saw. Probably your visitors will see first that too. This is one of the most impo...

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  • Meta tags important or not

    Added in SEO

    What are meta tags?

    Meta tags are xHTML elements that provide structured information about a website page. There are many meta tags that can be used to provide information about a website page, but the two most important ones are the description meta tag and the keywords meta tag.

    Description Meta tag

    The description meta tag is intended to be a way for webmasters to be able to provide a summary of the page contents. Search engines use the description tag to display a short description of the page in their search results.

    Keywords Meta tag

    The keywords meta tag is intended to contain the keywords that are most present in the website page. This should give search engines the ability to categorize the page and display it according to it's keywords in relations to a web search.


    In the early days of the web, these two were used by search engines(Google, Yahoo, MSN) to determine the relevancy that a page has to ce...

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  • Why a custom 404 page

    Added in Usabillity

    1. What is 404 error?
      • Is what a user sees when they try to reach a non-existent page on your site
    2. Why did it happen?
      • a mistyped URL (or an out of date bookmark/favorite)
      • a search engine link that is out of date
      • an internal broken link that the webmaster hasn’t noticed
      • an external broken link leading to your website
    3. What is the user thinking at the moment?
      • The user is confused
      • The user gets a generic page not found (either server side created or browser generated one
      • The user is wondering if he did something wrong(didn't typed the URL correctly)
      • The user has clicked a non working(broken) link from another website, from search engine, bookmark or in worst c...

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  • Site Loading Speed affects Google rankings

    Added in SEO

    As expected, Google announced that is incorporating the pages loading speed in the rankings algorithm.

    The reason - better user experience.As you may know or not know, loading speed of a website is maybe the key element in getting the user first of all to open your website and go to another page of your website. Since Google's mission is to copy human behavior and provide the most useful, enjoyable, and fast content to it's users they have added the loading speed of the pages to affect how high you would rank for a certain keyword or a phrase.

    Unicorn CMS, is built to be the next generation of CMS System( Content Management Systems) and to guarantee to your visitors extra speed and performance of your website. Armed with powerful cache engine, G zipped content, and design elements that are super optimized to provide that desktop like performance.

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  • Double content and one way access for the website

    Added in SEO

    Double content and one way access for the website.. Many would say it's great that you have access to your website with www infront and without. The problem comes when the links work both ways and Search engines like google if they stumble upon www and non www links they will crawl bioth.. and that way your website would get flagged that has diouble content for each page which is not a good thing.

    With Unicorn CMS, that is not a problem any more.. By default the system is set to use the access and it does a 301 redirect if accessed otherwise. Telling visitors or search engines that the website is accessible through the www. infront of it.

    Enjoy better search engines rankings with us :-)

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