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For the last few years we have found the need to develop our Unicorn CMS as an alternative to existing products mainly because no software on the market provided the essential functionality and the stable foundation to lead us to the perfection, completeness and excellence we insist on. As a team we have had experience with all kinds of CMS systems. Over the years, our main difficulty was maintaining the CMS's core and modules. With each new version of those systems, almost every time modules broke, the update process was complicated and in many cases caused data loss, not to mention dealing with it is complicated and time consuming which means lost business opportunities, prospects, and reduced company credibility.

We strive to provide reliable service and simply due to the facts above that was close to impossible task. We needed something stable, light, user friendly, built for business owners, functional and powerful foundation to build on to. That is why we  have invested more than 2 years effort in creating the Unicorn CMS (Content Management System) that is a stable and website solution focused towards online business needs rather to single users. The Unicorn CMS allows us to build any kind of functionality that your website would need.

stabilityWe needed stability

We needed reliable and solid platform to identify with our business. Inspired by your needs and our vision of a powerful and rich management system, it's a sound base for every business needs.

fast speedWe needed speed

The page load time is what creates better user experience and that is what makes you look reliable,  professional and worthy and not least at all, the website speed is a factor in Google page ranking.

to the pointWe needed to the Point solutions

We wanted software which has all in one specific industries modules implemented that will increase your conversion rate and improve website functionality. CMS suitable for every business needs!

stable foundation - pyramidWe needed stable foundations

Our experience showed us that building complex “to the point solution” required a solid groundwork to built on. In order to provide professional level services, we simply needed to built our own platform.

compatibilityWe needed controlled compatibility

Because losing functionality with the next Free CMS's update is a nightmare. It is our concern Unicorn CMS to work excellent and to be up to the latest trends of web development and business practices.

light softwareWe needed optimized software

Six time less server resources than any other Content Management System on the market, and  that certainly means "less drain on your wallet" going for operating costs and hosting services.

internal infrastructureReflect company internal infrastructure

We needed software with controllable  website administration, so you can give limited access to your employees and delegate different rights without risking disclosing to much information.

full servicesWe needed to provide Full service

Unicorn CMS is built to allow easy control over every aspect of the website. It is easier to work with one person than with 10. Our system combined with CMS allows us to be those 10 people in one.

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