Unicorn CMS Features

Unicorn CMS is a powerful platform packed with the following website essentials:

CMS Pages Manager

Pages Manager

Unicorn CMS comes with integrated Pages Manager that will allow you to Add, Edit, Delete, Activate, Deactivate and fully manage all of the pages. It's easy to manage navigation settings, page metadata information, publishing options and an easy WYSIWYG editor to update the content as simply as typing your name.

CMS Bread Crumbs Navigation Module

Bread Crumbs Navigation

Bread Crumbs Navigation is a standard when it comes to website usability. That is why we have built this module directly into the Unicorn CMS System. It represents the exact place where the visitor is on the website allowing the client to go back one level or to the parent page or home page.

Custom and Multilingual Site Offline CMS module

Custom Site Offline

This Custom Site Offline module allows control over the content being displayed when the website is set to offline. Only the administrators will be able to see the website  through the Website Administration Area. This is very useful for doing changes  since the system will  allow you preview before going live.

Custom and Multilingual Privacy policy

Custom Privacy policy

A good Privacy Policy should describe how personal information is treat when someone use your company products and services. The module allows publishing custom Privacy Policy, add translations, manage permissions, setup the page navigation settings and position, menu name, etc.

CMS Menu Groups Manager

Menu Groups Manager

The Menu Groups Manager allows you to set up menu groups and thus better present the content navigation on your website. The Menu groups is where you add the navigation links to. It can have a different position, position order and specific place where it can be displayed or hidden.

Custom Page Not Found module

Custom Page Not Found

The Page Not Found module allows you to manage the content or the page being displayed when a visitor requests a page that is not found. We have added this option to allow control over the content that is displayed to the web visitors based on his language selection. Read why this is important

Custom and Multilingual Website Terms Of use

Custom Website Terms Of use

Professionally built websites cannot go off without custom composed Website Terms of Use. The module allows publishing custom Website Terms of Use, add translations, manage permissions, setup the page navigation settings and position, menu name and even add Terms of Services or other License Agreement.

Automatic updates Unicorn CMS

Automatic Updates

Automatic up-to-date and headache free system! Our content management system is built to be smarter. It automatically downloads available updates and apply them with just a click. So you will have the enhanced features, all the security patches, no down time, immediately as they are available.

Users Management

CMS Staff Members Manager

Staff Members Manager

The Staff Members Manager allows adding users that would be able to access the Website Administration area. Combined with the User Groups module and the Permissions Option, you can assign each user to it's own Group and effectively manage the access of the Administration functions.

CMS Groups Manager

Groups Manager

With Unicorn CMS you can add different groups of users and stuff. This function gives you full oversight to the organization and control of the execution of the assignments as well. When it's combined with permission manager add extra security to your website. No longer worries about confidentiality or security!

Unicorn CMS Clients Manager

Customizable Clients Notifications

You can set automatic clients notification that will make easier the interaction and improve the communication with your clients. Each module that has a notification part intended either for the employees or clients, can be made automatic, with the proper text and variables for client names, email, time, url and more.

Customizable Staff and Clients Notifications

Clients Manager

Keep track and organize your clients data. This is extremely important when it comes to analyzing your client's profile, marketing target and deciding for marketing strategy.The UnicornCMS's Clients database can easily be integrated to work with sign up form, membership, free registration etc.

Unicorn CMS Permissions Manager

Permissions Manager

For sure you don't want to allow everybody to meddle with the content and the options of your website. Permission manager let you set different permission options for each group or individual and get full control over who access the administration panel and which modules and even which functions he has access to.

Google integrations

Integrated Google Analytics

Integrated Google Analytics

Set Google Analytics Account ID and start tracking the visitors on your website.  This is the most powerful web analytics solution that gives you rich and extensive insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness and you have it on the go integrated with your Unicorn Content Management System.

Integrated Google Webmaster ToolsIntegrated Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free web-based calendar which you can use for your own personal activities or to share with others. It's feature - sharing the calendar, allows you to set up the events in the great Google calendar and display them directly on to your website. Either as a schedule, events calendar and more.

Integrated Google Webmaster ToolsIntegrated Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed overview about your pages' visibility on Google, encountered crawling errors, links that are not found, access to targeting users based on location, and more. You get Google Webmaster Tools completely integrated for free within your UnicornCMS.

Addable features

Content enrichment

CMS Contact Us Manager

Contact us Manager

The Contact Us Manger comes in three sections - Page title and page text allowing you to offer a description or guide for the clients that are visiting the page, a Form with it's own customizable title, description text, user input fields and Addresses section with ability to add as many addresses as you need.

CMS Contact Us Manager

Links Manager

The Links Manger will allow you to set up useful links on to your website grouped in menu groups and displayed where ever you like them to be. The links can be set to be  -  rel="nofollow" which means you get the option to set up the links so that they do not drive page rank out of your page.

Unicorn CMS Clients Manager

Custom HTML Blocks

Each design that we build comes with selectable positions to which you can apply any of the available content. The Custom HTML module allows you to create any kind of web content(image, flash, movie text, links)  and set it to appear in the selected position.

CMS News Manager

News Manager

News Manager allows you to create, publish and manage news articles; the module comes with a lot of options integrated such as adding translations, permission access, manage short length text, ability to choose on which pages the news will be shown and how to be seen by your website visitors.

CMS Site Blog Manager

Site Blog Manager

The Site Blog Manager comes packed with features such as adding blog categories and unlimited articles, permissions based access, comments and more. This is a feature that gets updated and extended with every past day. It's very easy to publish useful and interesting blog articles and thus get closer to your clients.

CMS News Manager

Slide Shows Manager

Slide Shows Manager allows you to create, publish and manage different slide boxes with unlimited slides; The module is widely used to present different contents, promote products, services with just images or full HTML content slide. You can easily promote any content in a modern and professional way.

audio and video files upload

Audio files upload, play and download

Sermons module allows you to upload audio files on to your server and provide an option for your visitors to listen, download those audio files. Especially useful for churches, music artists, and any one that would like to have a list of audio files that can be listened online or downloaded by your visitors.

upcoming worship module for cherch websites

Upcoming worship

Upcoming worship module is part of the church web design solution package and it is ideal of informing the community about upcoming events like sermons and worship services. It allows you to add a list of worship services, with a title, description, date and display it globally all over the website.

Social networks connect

twitter icon

Twitter on your website

The Twitter module provides you with the opportunity to connect with your clients and offer the latest tweets directly on to your website. The UnicornCMS is packed with a module that will allow you to list either all your tweets or only the favorite ones(a good way for moderation) and follow us link for your twitter account.

facebook icon

Facebook integration

The Facebook module as well as the latest tweets module are great tools to extend your company reach and really connect with your current and future client. This module will allow you to link your Facebook profile/page directly on to your website and allow the visitors to become fans, friends or like your page.

Customer relations

Unicorn CMS Clients ManagerUser Area

The User area  module is the place where the client can really interact with your company. This is the place where different services, posted comments, profile information,  address and all the client -> company interaction is kept and updated dynamically on each new comment, order, inquiry...

KB module

Knowledge base

The Knowledge base  module is intended to inform your clients/visitors on different aspects of service usage. Whether that is instructions to use a website, software program, tool or tools or anything else, this is the right web tool to do it with. Separated into unlimited categories with unlimited articles.



The Testimonials module will allow you to easily publish the opinions of your clients about any service, products, customer care and so on. Easily add the client name, set the date posted and let your future clients know what your current clients think of your company/website.

customer log in module

Customer log-in

The Customer log-in module is the gate to the user area and it comes packed with it. The reason to be mentioned as a separate feature is that it contains a password forget functionality, customizable text on all the available languages for the notification emails and more.

faq FAQ

The FAQ module is something that covers the most frequently asked questions by your clients/visitors. It will allow you to set up questions and answers pairs, that will increase your effectiveness and pass on the information easily and faster to your clients/visitors.


Prayer Request

The Prayer Request module is meant for church websites and it is part of the church web solution package we have. It is built with the purpose to allow visitors to post prayer requests online and site owners to be able to set an email recipient/s and receive the request instantly.

Commerce features

Unicorn CMS product catalog module

Product Catalog

Product Catalog Module is a solution that would allow you to list your products or service on to your website. It allows publishing images with nice loading effects, a title and description of each product. Ideal for furniture & interior display, cars catalog, classified ads websites, etc.

eCommerce CMS

eCommerce CMS

As any business oriented software, we have packaged our UnicornCMS with state-of-the-art shopping cart. Same as the product catalog, the shopping cart module will allow you to have different product categories, unlimited products and unique fraud protection system to protect you from fraudulent orders.

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