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goerge donev founder of ToThePoin SolutionGeorge

A man who would have succeeded in small things if he was not troubled with great ambitions. Our founder built ToThePoint Solution from scratch with no funds, no employees and with the only assets - knowledge, determination and ambition. He was extremely dedicated and hard-working. In those tough times when a lot of us were doubtfull, he kept saying: "Success is a matter of when not if. Be determined and we will get there". And he never doubted, and he never quieted .... and kept working to build ToThePoint Solution company as you know it.


ToThePoint Solution would have suffer if she was not involved in web design department from the very beginning. She is very persistent and detail attentive. All the graphic details that make up ToThePoint Solution were developed by her personally. Not to mention that every decision made about ToThePoint Solution was discussed and her opinion made the decisions easier and more certain. Always striving to discover the turning weal of the website design over and over in each and every website design project.

Our Team:

We are dedicated team of web specialists each in it's own area with proven qualities and fresh new era thinking. There is no one of our team that is afraid to tackle the most ambitious tasks and not ready to take the highest challenge. Our people grow in front of our eyes; they learn from each other every day; and do not hesitate to take risks. We encourage friendship, not a competition and we believe the best way to stimulate people potential is the nice and friendly environment. So, guess what ... we love Fridays nights together!!!

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